What do you do for your pet’s birthday?

                Meet Sundance, Sunny, Sun Sun, Sunny D, the Kid! She is an almost one year old rough collie. It’s hard to believe that our little baby will have her first birthday soon! She was such a precious little fluff ball, and even as a baby she was so much more than just a pretty face. She potty trained herself and aside from her affinity for destroying paper products (toilet paper was her puppyhood nemesis) displayed very few of the dreaded bad puppy behaviors. And maybe it’s just that collies truly are the loyal, intelligent family dog they’ve been portrayed as but she truly seems to have an inherent understanding of the importance and depth of the puppy-person bond not to mention she’s the brightest dog I’ve ever known. Literally she devours every little bit of what I teach her and is almost creepily in tune with what I’m trying to communicate. When we work on a new trick I feel like I can literally see her problem solving wheels turning, I’m positive she’s more intuitive than the majority of people walking around out there. How people can not be instantly enamored with our four-legged companions I’ll never know. I mean look at that face!

Her first trip to Auburn 10weeks old

Her first trip to Auburn to visit her Aunt Blair and cousin Lady (10weeks old)

Now she’s almost one and has grown up to be such a well behaved girl with slew of crowd pleasing tricks at her disposable. From the time she was tiny we’ve tried to take her everywhere to meet and experience as much as possible. The result has been that she’s now the perfect community companion. She tolerates all manner of toddlers, strangers, dogs, and crowds and seems to take every new environment in stride. I’ve got high hopes for her to be a little PT dog and so far she seems to have the perfect temperament for it.

As for the birthday festivities. We’re actually planning a little  get together for all of Sunny’s best doggy friends at the Beneful Dream Dog Park in Alabaster.  She has more confirmed puppy guests coming than I could have imagined haha :p. She absolutely loves this dog park and I love a reason to take her. It’s a bit of a drive from our house, but it’s absolutely worth it. I’m planning to make dog friendly peanut butter treats (they were a huge hit with the family pups at Christmas) for the puppies, and cupcakes for the people. What do you do for your pet’s birthday?

Her post bath photo shoot yesterday. The stuff she has to put up with. 🙂


This is her intense look. Such a model dog.

Window gazing.

Window gazing.

She’s actually gazing at Kodah on the balcony across the way, their love story is the stuff of legends.

Can I please have the cookie?

Can I please have the cookie?

This is one of the cookies from her cousins in North Carolina. They sent her an awesome box for her birthday from Woof Gang Bakery in Cary, NC. I know our family is a little puppy crazed but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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