“14 miles and 100 years from Nashville”…Downtown Franklin, TN

Franklin was honored as one of the best downtown areas in the nation when it received one of five “Great American Main Street” awards in the first year of an annual competition held by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Since then, accolades have included the “Best Small Town in Tennessee,” “America’s Most Romantic Main Street” and “One of America’s Greatest Antique Destinations,” among others.” – http://www.downtownfranklintn.com


55 South Franklin and Main. It was such a beautiful day!

Well the morning got started pretty early. Sunny and I dropped Brad off for his first day at 7:45am and then headed back to the hotel to enjoy our complimentary breakfast before 9am. We then went right back to bed for a bit. What was that about early birds? I don’t care I’m on vacation ;). When we felt we’d lazed around for long enough I came up with a plan for the day. I decided we’d make a day trip to Franklin, TN and hopefully check out some of it’s historic sights.

Our first stop was a dog park to let Sunny run around. We went to Maggie’s Bark Park and it was a really nice little dog park. They had some obstacles and a little agility course, but unfortunately no other puppies were there! 


Mom, where are all the puppies?

Next stop was downtown Franklin. Founded in 1799 this historic area was adorable with lots of shops and things to see. We had no problem finding parking, they have a free garage and lots of roadside spots. I would love to see it during an event, when they close down the street and have vendors and shows. 



The presbyterian Church on “Five Points” at Main Street

After a fair amount of walking and scouting for when we can go back with Brad (maybe in the evening I’d love to see the street at night), Sunny and I headed back to Nashville. 



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