Loved all the dog references, adorable.

My dear boy got his books today (poor kid ;)) and he’s already loaded with reading assignments. So we were on the hunt for a local coffee shop where he could study and Sunny and I could enjoy the weather, and we stumbled on fido! This ex-pet shop turned coffee house is a Nashville favorite. I got an iced coffee, which was great! But we hear the food is pretty awesome too, and after seeing some of the burgers and fries we’re pretty sure we’ll head back for dinner before we head out of town. 


Official “welcome to grad school” reading.


I should mention that I have a mild cold dessert addiction. I LOVE ice cream, popsicles, slushes, sno-balls you name it :D. And as luck would have it Hot & Cold is right next door to fido, also owned by Bongo-Java, and they serve all kinds of Nashville’s favorite desserts: Las PaletasJeni’s Splendid Ice Cream and Olive & Sinclair chocolate are all Nashville originals. I may have a minor addiction but I can only tolerate so much sweetness, so for my first visit I opted for a Chai mini-popsicle and it was delicious! I’m a big fan of Chai, Brad however believes that Chai is what potpourri would taste like if he were forced to eat it… he didn’t care much for my popsicle. Next time we go I’m definitely going to try one of their recommended combinations.

  • A paleta dipped in Bongo Java coffee or topped with magic shell made from Olive & Sinclair chocolate.
  • A scoop of Jeni’s with an espresso or Olive & Sinclair magic shell.
  • A frozen banana dipped in Olive & Sinclair magic shell.

 My Las Paleta really reminded me of one of our favorite Birmingham sweet treats, Steel City Pops, and I just thought I’d mention that if you’re ever in Homewood, Al and like a good popsicle be sure to check them out. 


She was fascinated by a little bird that kept dancing around in front of her. I just love her little tipped ear!


My kind of restaurant 😉 


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