Travel: Food Post!


We went back to fido for food! I got the Eden salad which is loaded with apples, berries, figs, walnuts, parmesan, feta, and a caramel-champagne vinaigrette.

This salad was so refreshing I only wish I’d had more. I always love fruit on a salad especially in the summer, and this one is no exception. The dried figs were something tasty and different and in my opinion their caramel-champagne vinaigrette was outstanding. 


Brad got the Local Burger and fries. His burger was ground beef and lamb, tennessee cheddar, caramelized fennel, fig aioli, fried onion, pickles, and lettuce.

The fries and the burger were both very, very good and came with a different but delicious dipping sauce. The cool thing about fido’s menu is that it is very original and true to local ingredients. Not to mention we haven’t even cracked the breakfast menu (my mouth watered just reading it ;)). Basically, we’ll be back on future visits.


I got a Hot & Cold combo!

Brad got strawberry and I got bananas and cream dipped in Olive and Sinclair chocolate. OMG it was awesome! The chocolate is very dark chocolate and not overly sweet and paired perfectly with my banana paleta 😀



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