(Text)books, Books, BOOKS!

One of several book cabinets.

One of the many book cabinets.

The semester is now in full swing with one skills check-out  down and an exam next week. I’ve been considering my ever growing stack of textbooks, and more specifically, where to put them. It’s not like undergrad where I rarely opened or even purchased the “required reading”. So much of PT school is (understandably) comprehensive. Skills, and unfortunately textbooks, are necessary and the foundation for more advanced practice.

The problem is that apartment living tragically leaves zero space for libraries 😦 . Unto this point my books have settled for being stacked neatly in whatever cabinet/shelf has the space can sustain their weight. HOWever, with the Dear Boy back in school we are rapidly approaching the book storing capacity of our small apartment. Soon there will be no hiding our nerd status when we have house guests. Books will be bursting from every cabinet and stacked on every surface. My future dream house library is becoming more elaborate with each one.


…it’s going to look like this.


This is not me, ever. Some of my classmates are less willing to part with the constant lugging of resources and they have to kyphosis and forward head to prove it.

As an aside, don’t you LOVE when professors presume you have the book with you and the whole class derisively snorts?? That would be a negative, we have our laptops and that is all.  Just look at that pathology book! I’ve weighed it, it’s a whopping 15lbs, and it’s one class. Granted, of all grad programs, PT is probably the most understanding. But it DOES happen occasionally.

“Please pull out texts A, B, and C” …Say what?

Aren’t we aiming to treat back pain here not create it? 😉 Let’s lessen the impact of the ever-terrible student posture, and get on the same page, Profs. #GradStudentProblems


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