Travel: Small Town USA


We made our way down to the panhandle this weekend to visit the B’s family in Jay, FL. Jay is a small farming community roughly 45min from Pensacola, FL that produces predominately cotton, peanuts, soybeans, hay and oil. This weekend was homecoming.


The town is pretty much exactly what a “big city” traveling kid like me would imagine a quaint small town to be. Pretty rolling fields and countryside, tractors, trucks, good food, and no strangers. Not kidding, everybody really does know everybody. It astounds me everytime how many people I’ve never met “know” me.

For example, on one of my first visits to Jay I had a middle aged gentleman tell me “I sure make a pretty picture” and “congrats”, bear hug me, and walk off. I glanced around furtively. What was that all about? My then fiance returned from the concession stand, laughed at me, and deduced that it was his high school football coach. Welcome to life in a small town.

Peanut season is a pretty big deal in Jay and is just kicking off. The town smells awesome! Consequently, if you’re prone to allergies you may want to buckle up. The air is loaded with aromatic allergens. I consider it a more than worthy trade for access to fresh boiled peanuts, but I am not an allergy sufferer. Peanuts in the air always reminds B of football season and fall. If it were just a few degrees cooler it would be perfect autumn ambiance. Hopefully, we’ll get to go back for the annual peanut festival.


Sunny meet bunny.

Sunny always has a great time when we visit Jay. Lots of wide open spaces for her to play and new friends to be made. This visit she met rabbits for the first time. It was entirely too cute. She was completely fascinated by the strange little hopping dogs, and very sweetly herded them around the yard. It was fun to watch and made rounding them up very easy. Way to go herding instincts!

She also practiced her doggy paddle and sun bathing skills this weekend. She has no problem getting on a float in the pool, or running through shallow water (beach, lake, etc.), but she is still a bit hesitant to take the plunge in deeper water.

She did however make one daring leap into the water and swam for the very first time :D. Unfortunately, we think her daring leap was a miscalculated attempt at escape from the pool. She misjudged the amount of give in the float and ended up doggy paddling for her life, poor kid. I think she’s still trying to make up her mind about the whole ordeal. She wasn’t afraid of the water after, but no more swimming was attempted.


Sundance the almost water dog.


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