PT Skills Check:

Less daunting then a practical but still no joke, the Skills Check!

We’ve got one coming up. Oh boy! 😦 Half of the class is scheduled for this Wednesday, and the rest of us are scheduled for next week. I’m in the later group, but stayed after class to run through the rubric with my friends who have their check off Wednesday. We really aren’t stressing too much these days, which is great, but we also know not to underestimate PT school and its frequent swift kicks to your confidence. In any case, the overarching intent of this class is to teach us interventions and treatment techniques specific to the neuro population. Or so we’ve been told.

So what does that mean for us? As far as I can tell, we’re basically just trying to get a mountain of terminology straight, and then pairing that with very specific and intentional movements. They are designed to facilitate or inhibit motion in patients who’ve had some sort of injury to the nervous system. Here’s an example of a discussion that may occur in lab:

Student: So is a stabilizing reversal the same thing as alternating isometrics? Cause we’ve learned those before.

Prof: Yes.

Student: Ok, so what about dynamic reversals?

Prof: Those are the same thing as slow reversals, but if you make the slow reversal oscillations really small then it’s a stabilizing reversal which is a precursor to rhythmic stabilization.

Student: So I’m confused, why don’t we just call them slow reversals and alternating isometrics?

Prof: –eyes narrow– Don’t get fresh.

Student: –facepalm– I’m just gonna facilitate myself from sitting to prone on my face, thanks.


As you might imagine we’ve run into some frustration with the terminology in this class.


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