Midterms. My favorite!

School has been CRAZY.This week we had a pop quiz in musculoskeletal, a handful of assignments, a manual skills check, and a massive neuro midterm.

Favorite classmate status following the midterm:

“Current status: Ranchos Los Amigos Level IV”

That is to say confused and agitated.  Hysterical.

NOW… to be completely honest, with all the fun that was had this past weekend, I did not study much at all. SO I entered this week with quite the mountain of tasks and not a ton of enthusiasm. But I’m happy to report after a very intense couple days of studying, some early mornings, and late nights the week went remarkably well! What a relief!

A few PT school highlights from this week:

1. In the middle of one of a guest lecture in the PT lab a classmate was eating Bugels. Technically against the rules, BUT not usually a big deal. I mean teachers eat in labs, we always have coffee, no biggie.  Well apparently even the professors are a bit on edge this week cause no joke this is what happened:


To be fair our professor did admonish once before walking up and chucking the bag across the plinth, nonetheless pretty crazy stuff.

2. Flag Football! As I’ve mentioned, this semester I’m playing on the PT school co-rec flag football team. Go Palpaters! In PT school intramurals are kind of a big deal. It probably has something to do with the disproportionate number of athletic competitive people in our program in comparison to others. In any case we’re undefeated thus far. In fact the men’s team, women’s team, and co-rec team are all undefeated, and we are currently right in the middle of playoffs. We’ve already played two games this week, the quarter and semifinals, and had the championship game scheduled for tonight. Despite being totally pumped up, we got rained out :(. The final game has been moved to Monday. How awesome would it be if all of our teams won! 😀 That is not to say that the team we’re slotted to play isn’t impressive, they look good. It’s gonna be intense.

3. Another high point of the week finishing with the skills check today! It was the final big hurdle of the week and the only thing standing between us and a long weekend. My partner and I were so relieved to be through the worst of the week intact we spontaneously high fived in the hall. It feels so good to be done with things, and even better to feel like you’re doing well!

NOW onward to the FSU v. Clemson game! Let’s go SEMINOLES! 


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