Weekend Recap!

Homecoming in Auburn! B, Sunny and I drove to Auburn Friday night to enjoy the homecoming festivities. My sister is a senior at AU right now and my parents drove up from Panama City with one of my younger brothers (the other had to work 😦 )  We got to take my little brother to his first college football game, tailgate with family, and let Sunny party with her cousin Lady. The weather was gorgeous, we had a great time, and AU got the W!P1010827


Nick with his shaker. My sister was able to get tickets for all of us to the game in the student section and it was great to be back in a college stadium. Made B and I miss Tallahassee big time! Now we just to get the little brother to a Florida State game so he can make an informed decision when his time comes ;).

We had a great time in AU but our fun filled weekend didn’t end there. We decided to check out Sloss Fright Furnace in BirminghamMy parents and little brother drove back with us from Auburn, and Sunday we all went to Sloss Furnance!  The place is SUPER creepy all on its own (a rusty abandoned 100yr old furnace), but every year, starting at the end of September and running throughout October, it becomes the Fright Furnace. For $20 you can experience all the tours which totals over an hour of haunted fun. They also have horror movies playing on a projector if  you wanna hang out for a bit between trails. This year, our first time to Sloss, they offered three haunted trails and we had an AMAZING time!


The first trail was OUTBREAK. You get to try and survive the zombie apocalypse and run away from zombies through an obstacle course. We had SO much fun, and the zombies did a great job! When you purchased your tickets you could sign up to be a zombie and go to zombie school where they would have professional makeup artists make you into a zombie. We chose to survive. At the end of the course you get scanned with a black light and if a zombie managed to grab you at any point, it showed up and you were “infected”. If not you survived and got a button. Mom and I were the only survivors of our crew! 😀 It was so much fun to run through obstacles and be scared with our adrenaline up.

The second trail was THE WOODS TOUR, also a ton of fun. At one point your feeling you way through fog so dense you can’t see two inches in front of your face. Freaked. Me. Out. You also got to go down a big slide into a maze at the end. Very cool.

The final tour was through THE FURNACE itself. I think this one was the scariest of the three. They had a huge tesla coil, lots of chainsaws, and a super creepy setting. And honestly, when we took the time to look around, the furnace itself was amazing to look at. The furnace is actually a national landmark and most of the year is open now as a museum and we definitely should go back… during the day.

All in all, we had an absolutely wonderful time this weekend! Loads of family, football, and festivities.


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