So I’ve Been Busy…

…you know, vacationing and stuff.

Since I last posted we’ve enjoyed the holidays. They were beautiful, wonderful, and not long enough. Sunny mastered the frisbee. B and I discovered Game of Thrones (obsessed). I’ve devoured 5,000 pages of Westeros goodness thus far. I enjoyed liberal amounts of my favorite things; family, friends, wine, novels, the outdoors. PT school seemed a distant memory.

Now I’m in the throws of a very real, pre full-time clinical, PT school boot camp. We’re loaded down with papers, receiving crash courses on the most up to date insurance information, discussing strengths, weakness and goals, and finalizing clinical plans. I’m convinced 90% of this mini-semester is a combination of busy work and scare tactics. The other 10% is stuff we should have full classes on but have to cram into 4hours. Like Medicare.YIKES!


I will be starting my first of three full-time clinical rotations next month. My first rotation is at the VA hospital in Biloxi, MS. It will be 10weeks in an acute care setting. I currently have a very healthy dose of anxiety rolling around in my stomach, but also a fair amount of excitement and anticipation. My primary concerns currently center around 10weeks without daily access to the boy and Sunny girl, and the nagging feeling I’ll have forgotten everything somehow. I try to quiet my anxiety by telling myself I go to a great school (they wouldn’t send us if we didn’t know something), and that I’ll see my sweeties on the weekends. I’m excited to learn about how a VA hospital works and a bit anxious about the setting. None of my short term experiences were in an acute care setting, and its not the setting I imagine myself working in. BUT HEY, you never know!

On another note, I’m resolved to try and document this experience for the sake of personal growth and what not. Wish me luck!

Happy addition. Being a 3rd year at school feels pretty fantastic…not gonna lie.

“Walking into a room of 1st years studying”


Gifs courtesy of whatshouldwecallptschool tumblr. This site is hilarious. If you are a PT student CHECK IT OUT, you’ll thank me later.


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