You get 4in of snow in Birmingham and the whole world shuts down.

Granted, the weatherman said no snow, epic fail. Thus the wearing Keds, last time I listen to that guy. The city is monstrously unprepared for the slightest bit of cold weather.

We were at the school this morning and UAB waited until it was impossible to escape the city to cancel class. Every intersection is gridlocked and there are accidents everywhere. People have abandoned their cars on the interstate. Thank goodness my friend/classmate lives downtown. She’s currently got 8 PT student refugees in her one bedroom apartment.

Favorite local news quote thus far “I know you want to pick your kids up from school, don’t. It’s not worth it.” πŸ˜‚

It’s bananas people.


3 thoughts on “Stranded.

  1. I go to PT school in Wisconsin. Today it was -38 degrees (wind chill) and we still had classes. Once, they cancelled classes when we got 23 inches of snow and the Wisconsin declared a state of emergency… for only 4 hours. haha. It’s crazy to hear of your story.

    • Wow, -38 sounds like an absolute nightmare! 😳 Its amazing what a difference geography makes. You throw the South a hurricane and people stock up and throw a party. You mix in a couple inches of unexpected snow with no salt or plows, and you get chaos.

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