Stranded pt. 2 (The Great Exodus)

When I left you I was holed up downtown with my fellow refugees. I have since made it home, but not without some adventure.

The conditions through the afternoon and evening didn’t improve. Roads stayed icy and impassable. As it got dark more people abandoned their cars and slept wherever they could find the space. Those of us stranded downtown took advantage of establishments that stayed open. We enjoyed half off local beer and complimentary popcorn at J. Clyde’s.


When we woke up in the morning we started to discuss the option of walking. It was still only 9 degrees out but the wind chill wasn’t too bad, and it was no longer snowing. Our lifesaver friend let us eat all of her bacon, eggs, and muffins and we strategized the walk so that we could stay together for as long as possible.

My apartment was 7.5miles from downtown, and google suggested the walk would take about 3hours. So we thanked our friend and set out, a group of 6.


Along the way we felt like we were in a scene from Walking Dead.




Below you can see the semi-truck graveyard that was I-65 south.


About 4miles in, 2 people in our party split to continue toward their home in Vestavia.

And then at 5.5 miles B was able to carefully navigate the drivable roads and get the x-terra close enough to pick us up. VICTORY!



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