Clinical Update and Early Birthday Festivities

  • Clinical Rotation Update:
    • I’m at the VA hospital in Biloxi, MS in the middle of my 4th of 10 weeks.
    • The setting is really more long-term neuro rehab then acute care like I was expecting
      • So pleasantly pleased by this! I really enjoy the rehab setting 😀
      • Patient caseload has been a little low since I’ve started, which has really been an opportunity to move at my own pace, and gradually take on more and more responsibility. However, I do hope we pick up a little before I go!
    • My CI is a fantastic teacher and I’m learning a ton!
      • Particularly, she is ridiculously thorough and clearly demonstrates skilled individualized care with every patient.
      • I’m becoming infinitely better at strategizing my evaluation, treatment, and documentation through her example. I LOVE that I’m getting the opportunity to develop my skills with a clinician that is so adept.

In other news, I  miss my babies terribly. I drive to see them every weekend, but boy have we been spoiled with each other’s company,  5 days feels like forever!  This past weekend I drove to Panama City Beach to visit my family and celebrate my birthday  a little early. Brad and Sunny were there (HURRAY and thank goodness!), and so was my entire family! My little sister was home from Auburn on spring break, and my best friend even drove over from Eglin with her husband and puppy to celebrate. 😀 What a wonderful weekend! I only wish it could have lasted longer.

Here are a few of my early birthday weekend highlights!


Hunt’s Oyster Bar!

One of my all time favorite places in Panama City, a MUST stop if you like oysters even the tiniest bit. I’m addicted to their 3 Cheese Cajun oysters, which are raw on the half shell with cheese and cajun seasoning and warmed the cheese is all melty.


Naturally I made time for Sundance and friends pics.


Tres Leches Cake!

I had this cake for the first time a couple weeks ago, when one of the therapist brought one in to clinic for a function. I LOVED it. I immediately called Mom and requested it for my birthday cake. If you’ve never tried it, you ought to! I’m probably going to try and make one on my own at some point and I’ll be sure to post the how to.

candlesI’ll be returning to PCB this coming weekend for more birthday festivities, only this time its my little brother’s birthday. The kid’s going to be 18…WOW how did that happen?


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