Salary Survey (new grads)

Well this sure is an interesting, ongoing survey for the soon to be PT school grads out there. They even have charts comparing salary by region and setting.


Updated March 6, 2014: 299 respondents.

Click on the “Aug 2013 Update” item in the right column to see charts comparing the data for 2012 vs 2013. Please note that I update the graphs only once every few months, so the spreadsheet below will always have more up-to-date data.

Some folks may be getting to this page without necessarily coming from the SDN website. If so, you may be interested in this thread about the salaries of new grads and the future of the profession; there is also a link to the survey, if you haven’t already taken it:

Another SDN thread discussing DPT salary:

Here is a very good discussion on how to negotiate your salary. One person was inspired to negotiate his/her offer by looking at the results of this survey, and was successful in bringing the offer up from $70K-$75K to $75K-$80K. Congratulations!

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