Quick Catch Up:

I was just reading back through a post I wrote months ago, prior to beginning this year of clinical rotations, where I said, “I will blog about my clinical rotations”… what a joke.

In recent months I’ve completed a 10-week sub acute rotation at the VA Hospital in Biloxi, and most recently a 12-week outpatient rotation here in Birmingham. I have learned SO much, and life feels like it’s moving very fast. Only one long-term affiliation stands between me and graduation.

This past weekend the boy finished his Master’s degree at Vanderbilt and is officially a Nurse Practitioner. We also know that he will be attending COT (Commissioned Officers Training) in October and that we’ve been given a tentative assignment to Wright-Patternson AFB. It is all very surreal, when you consider the number of major life changes that are happening all around us.

I’ve currently got two weeks break before I start my final rotation in Pensacola, and I am LOVING the down time.


Salary Survey (new grads)

Well this sure is an interesting, ongoing survey for the soon to be PT school grads out there. They even have charts comparing salary by region and setting.


Updated March 6, 2014: 299 respondents.

Click on the “Aug 2013 Update” item in the right column to see charts comparing the data for 2012 vs 2013. Please note that I update the graphs only once every few months, so the spreadsheet below will always have more up-to-date data.

Some folks may be getting to this page without necessarily coming from the SDN website. If so, you may be interested in this thread about the salaries of new grads and the future of the profession; there is also a link to the survey, if you haven’t already taken it: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/showthread.php?t=931151

Another SDN thread discussing DPT salary: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/trends-in-pt-salary.1041375/

Here is a very good discussion on how to negotiate your salary. One person was inspired to negotiate his/her offer by looking at the results of this survey, and was successful in bringing the offer up from $70K-$75K to $75K-$80K. Congratulations!

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You get 4in of snow in Birmingham and the whole world shuts down.

Granted, the weatherman said no snow, epic fail. Thus the wearing Keds, last time I listen to that guy. The city is monstrously unprepared for the slightest bit of cold weather.

We were at the school this morning and UAB waited until it was impossible to escape the city to cancel class. Every intersection is gridlocked and there are accidents everywhere. People have abandoned their cars on the interstate. Thank goodness my friend/classmate lives downtown. She’s currently got 8 PT student refugees in her one bedroom apartment.

Favorite local news quote thus far “I know you want to pick your kids up from school, don’t. It’s not worth it.” 😂

It’s bananas people.