Worn Wear

Well this is pretty awesome.

In a time when talking about sustainability and being green is so popular, it’s nice to see a company that really seems to embrace the concept. I love the idea that the clothes we wear tell stories, and that maybe we shouldn’t be so willing to part with them. Granted, this movie is a glowing endorsement of the quality of Patagonia clothing (i.e. it makes me want more of it), BUT it is nice to hear the founder of the company suggest finding these items in thrift stores, or your parent’s closet.

Way to go Patagonia, you really seem to be more than quality clothes.

The Stories We Wear: http://wornwear.patagonia.com/




You get 4in of snow in Birmingham and the whole world shuts down.

Granted, the weatherman said no snow, epic fail. Thus the wearing Keds, last time I listen to that guy. The city is monstrously unprepared for the slightest bit of cold weather.

We were at the school this morning and UAB waited until it was impossible to escape the city to cancel class. Every intersection is gridlocked and there are accidents everywhere. People have abandoned their cars on the interstate. Thank goodness my friend/classmate lives downtown. She’s currently got 8 PT student refugees in her one bedroom apartment.

Favorite local news quote thus far “I know you want to pick your kids up from school, don’t. It’s not worth it.” πŸ˜‚

It’s bananas people.