Quick Catch Up:

I was just reading back through a post I wrote months ago, prior to beginning this year of clinical rotations, where I said, “I will blog about my clinical rotations”… what a joke.

In recent months I’ve completed a 10-week sub acute rotation at the VA Hospital in Biloxi, and most recently a 12-week outpatient rotation here in Birmingham. I have learned SO much, and life feels like it’s moving very fast. Only one long-term affiliation stands between me and graduation.

This past weekend the boy finished his Master’s degree at Vanderbilt and is officially a Nurse Practitioner. We also know that he will be attending COT (Commissioned Officers Training) in October and that we’ve been given a tentative assignment to Wright-Patternson AFB. It is all very surreal, when you consider the number of major life changes that are happening all around us.

I’ve currently got two weeks break before I start my final rotation in Pensacola, and I am LOVING the down time.