A Collie goes to Market

Saturday morning from 7am to 12noon in downtown Birmingham there is an awesome farmers’ market called Pepper Place. It runs every Saturday  from April through December with tons of local growers, food producers and artisans . This was Sunny’s second time to the market and she absolutely loves going; dogs, kids, and people everywhere! Oh and also treats 😉

Come on guys, we're almost there!

Come on guys, we’re almost there!

Walking up to the market, she’s such a pretty girl.

Surveying the scene.

Surveying the scene.

She sat and posed while we ate biscuits and drank coffee. She was also lavished with attention from all the Pepper Place patrons. We love taking her places like this. It’s great exercise and its such a wonderful socializing experience for her. There is so much stimulation (sights, sounds, and smells everywhere!) and you can just see her learning and growing all the time.

Oh the Puppy Cuteness!

This is one of my favorite Baby Sun pics. This pic was taken after Sundance’s first day at the beach. She dove right in, the little daredevil! BUT despite her “come at me bro” attitude the ocean can really wear out a little puppy, and some Daddy cuddles were in order. I know I’m biased but there is entirely too much cute in this picture.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASunny’s first foray into the Gulf of Mexico a few hours earlier that day…

Here's the little daredevil in action with her cousin Raleigh.

The little daredevil in action with her cousin Raleigh.